Thursday, October 30, 2008


The site i visited for this term was the wikipedia site. from what i saw in this site videoconferencing is a set of interactive telecommunication technologies which allows people to interact through video from two different places. the site also give a brief history of the term as well as its technology, issues, standards, and the different impacts it has had in different fields such as education, medicine, business, and others.

From the site i visited i saw that a widget is a program that is run Mac OS X Dashboard which is only available in Mactintosh computers. Some examples of widgets are weather guides, calendars, or serach boxed included in internet pages. These make your home page more interesting and fun.

This site is a social networking and micro-blogging service which allows users to send and recieve updates of their freinds. It tells them what they are up to and know what everyone else is doing. These updates can be sent to their circle of friends or other users within the site.

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